[MUSIC] Hi? Let's make some clips. [MUSIC] Apple Clips is Apple's first crack at a video editor for your social apps or your phone. Clips look like Instagram or Snapchat or other phone apps to some degree. It's not a social network though, it's an editor for your clips and [UNKNOWN] clips. It's free and it works with iPods or iPhones or even the iPod touch. Here's how you make a video. You record video directly into clips. You could just record clips just like that right now. You just put your square video in there. But I recommend you use the library instead Pre recorded photos, and video can be copped, and inserted in the new videos. Keeping the original safe. Still photos can be turn in a clips by pressing, and holding how many seconds you want them added. For older video clips, it's the same thing. You hold them record, how much you wanna add. Then you can re edit your clips player Don't worry about your finished product, it can all be edited. Individual clips can be edited or dragged around in any order. Effects and filters can be added afterwards, the whole project can be tweaked as much as needed before sharing. Live title Are Clips best feature. You can talk as you record a clip into Clips and whatever you say can be transcribed into text captions that time up perfectly with when you said it. What was Scott thinking when this photo was taken? We will never know. You can turn off your original recorded audio and leave just a text or edit the text later. Live titles come in a variety of style All the videos though are square. Clips makes everything square. It's supposed to be easier to share on phones, but frame your photos and videos accordingly and be ready for them to look a little weird on a tv. Add a Soundtrack by tapping the music icon, and picking one of Apple's included tracks, which fit the length of your project automatically, or you can pick something from your music library, the soundtrack layers over the whole project though so pick carefully. Share clips by tapping the share button on the bottom and you can pick where you wanna send it. Or you just save it in your photo library and figure it out later. What is a Clips video look like, well see for yourself. That's how to use Clips, in Clips. [MUSIC]