It's highly likely that a child in your family will get an iPad or a hand me down iPhone as a gift this holiday. Their shiny, new iDevice gives them access to amazing technology. But it also puts both them and you at some risk too. Don't worry though, Apple has your back. In iOS, there's a menu for parental controls, though it's actually called restrictions. This allows you to do a few things. Protect your child's privacy, protect your child's access to certain content, as well as protecting your credit card from your child. It's easy and fast to set up. [MUSIC] From the home screen open up the Settings app. Go to General and scroll down and select Restrictions. Tap Enable Restrictions. Set a passcode. This passcode should not be share with a child. And that's it as far as enabling restriction. Told you it was The only thing left is for you to work your way through the list of restrictions for content ratings, privacy features, as well as things like in-app purchases. Enabling restrictions on your child's iOS device is fast and straightforward. These restrictions aren't about ruining your child's experience on their new i device But rather about protecting them, so they can enjoy their new gifts to its fullest. [BLANK_AUDIO]