[MUSIC] Okay, I'll show you how to use, the Google IO. Piece of cardboard, I guess I don't, is there another name for this? Your Android phone, with the cardboard app on it. So, let's just get right to it. [MUSIC] Detach here. [MUSIC] I'm just gonna go ahead and put the phone in like this, alright, there you go [MUSIC] Okay it's put together now I'm gonna try it out, so I'm gonna put it on, you know we have, it has this little rubber band thing here that goes around my head, I think my head and my hair is a little too big for that right now and I don't think it's gonna stay on, I actually tried it already, so I'm not gonna use that, I'm just gonna hold it up to my face, like so. And right now, I can see a bunch of options. I see tutorial, tour guide, exhibit, windy day Earth, YouTube, Photosphere, and Street View. And depending on where I look, I get different options. I'm going to go to the windy day. And I can do that, once I, look at my selection. I can selected, by clicking this little button here. Alright, this new environment and there's a little mascot I've seen before. Oh there he is, he is right there. Now, I had to turn all the way around in order to see him. Have to say my eyes took a minute to adjust in order to see both images as one image M'kay. I'm gonna go to street view now, and I'm gonna see if I can go back, by doing this. Kay, that's how you go back to home. [MUSIC] Street view is just like a time lapsed first person video view of you going through a city. [MUSIC] Alright, and that's virtual reality right there. Really, virtually no cost. All you need is the cardboard, the phone, and the app. So if you can get that pizza box. You know, you may be able to build your own virtual reality,l headset. [MUSIC] Pretty cool. I like it. You don't have to spend 300 bucks on an Occulus Rift, or wait for the Sony Morpheus. You can just use your android phone. It's pretty cool. anyway. For more tips and tricks go to howto.cnet.com I'm Eric Kramer. [MUSIC]