According to Tim Cook, over 5 billion stories are read on Apple News each month. Yeah, that's a lot. And building on that success, Apple launched Apple News Plus, which brings magazine subscriptions to your phone, iPad and Mac. You pay $10 a month to get access to 300 magazines. So first thing you want to do is check for an iOS update or a MacOS update, and install it. All right so let's take a look at AppleNews. We have a new icon here, kind of a red N with the white stripes, not the band. So at the top, you see, right at the top there, you see there's news from the editor and there's a little news from Apple explaining what AppleNews+ is. You can read that it's wonderful or you can tap at the bottom Try it for free. All right, so let's take a look at the bottom, there's three tabs. The middle one says News Plus, and that's gonna be where our magazines are. There's a My Magazine section with all of your favorite titles, and suggests based on your taste. Recent issues will automatically download, so you don't have to worry about it if you're on a train or plane. Scrolling down brings you the first looks, featured articles And new issues, all of which are curated by Apple's editorial team. New issues has live coverage for each magazine. These are kind of like animated photos, the way your live photos are on your phone. Under that are a few of the articles in the magazine for you. And depending on what device you're on, The design may vary. Want to see a magazine you want to try? You can tap on the cover that brings you immediately to the table of contents. From there, you could select the story [UNKNOWN] and tap on it to open it up. But each of these articles is more than just simple text scrolling. Each one has a beautiful design with photos and infographics. You want to browse between articles, you can swipe from one to another. Apple promises that there's no ad tracking or data collection when you use Apple News Plus. So whether that's sports, politics, food or celebrities, you have access to all the magazines here. And the best part is, the first month is free. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]