[MUSIC] Let's not mess around. You want the best iPad? This is the best iPad, the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. It's got a nicer screen, anti-glare, it works with pencil. It works with smart connector keyboards that attach like this. It's got a better processor. It's got four speakers that sound louder. Got better cameras, if you're into that, it's more expensive. You're gonna pay 599 for the 32 gig, but if you want the one that's really got the storage, you're gonna be spending, along with the accessories, maybe up to $1000. But it's the best iPad. Why, hello, you with lots of extra space and maybe extra money, too! Welcome to the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. You got a lot of room? Well this is that iPad, it's a larger canvas, so it's got more pixels to draw around in. If you're an artist that's great, but this puppy is more expensive than a 9.7 inch iPad Pro, and I don't have that type of money, and I'm not really that good an artist. [MUSIC] Maybe you don't care about pencil, you don't care about leading-edge tech, you just want a good iPad. Well the iPad Air 2 is still around. It's still a really good iPad. This thing has got most of what you need, it runs split screen apps, it's got a good screen size, good battery life, and it cost $499 for 64GB of storage A lot less than the others. Of course, it's almost two years old, so who knows how this runs the next version of iOS or the one after that. But still, really good value. [MUSIC] Maybe you want something smaller, tiny, you could take around on a trip, it doesn't cost that much. The iPad Mini 2 is still around. This thing has a tinier screen and costs About $300 something dollars for a 32 gig version. $200 something for a 16 depending on where you get it on sale. This has been around forever. It's still really good, but I wouldn't do a lot of work on this. I would just take it to read, play games And that's it, but don't forget for kids you can spend even less. You can buy a Kindle Fire tablet or you could not buy anything at all, just use a phone or a laptop. Those are your choices for iPads. [MUSIC]