The surface book is Microsoft first laptop, it comes with a bendy straw cell hinge as well as a detachable tablet screen. This surprising product has generated a good deal in it's own right, but it also gives us a clue as to Microsoft's broader strategy, using hardware To rescue Windows. When it comes to computers, Microsoft Windows Operating System totally dominates. With figures suggesting that its biggest rival, Apple's MacOS 10, represents less than five percent of the market. But those numbers don't tell the whole story about how precarious Microsoft's position really is. With most Windows owners using versions that are several editions behind, Microsoft needs devices that showcase the potential of Windows 10. If you look at the most exciting launches of the last few years, it's clear that physical devices like smartphones and wearables are what get the public's pulses pounding. With the unfamiliar and unpopular Windows 8 having left many shoppers wary of upgrade, Microsoft knows its best chance to get back on track is with a cool product people want to own, that, hey, just happens to be running Windows 10. Microsoft is playing a risky game, though. When it first jumped into own brand tablets. With the surface back in 2012, it annoyed some of its partners who make money selling Windows powered hardware. The Surface Book puts Microsoft in the awkward position of directly competing with some of its closest allies so it will have to tread carefully. Three years in though, Microsoft's hardware efforts don't feel like a terrible mistake. Apple recently mimicked the standing design of the surface tablets with its smart key board for the iPad Pro And the Surface Book, even if it doesn't prove popular, bolsters Microsoft's reputation as a company that's doing its bit to push laptops forward rather than just pumping out software for the masses, which is important but not quite as exciting. The Surface Book goes on sale soon so we don't have long to wait before we know exactly Microsoft hardware game really is and what the company's gadgets can do for Windows. Stay tuned. [SOUND]