[MUSIC] We know the iPhone 10R and 10S are water resistant. But how deep can these phones really go? So I have a new brand iPhone 10I, and iPhone 10S. This is the same iPhone 10S that we actually used in our previous water test, and we tested it to the [UNKNOWN] depth of two meters for 30 minutes This is not a scientific test. We are just doing this to have some fun and see how far we can take this to the extreme and don't try this at home or maybe you should but it will definitely void your warranty. To the take the phones to new depths, we're using the Trident, an underwater drone from Open ROV This film is gonna turnaract the weight of these in water so that they don't sink or float there. We call it mutually buoyant They made us a custom mount to hold the two phones side by side in front of the drawings camera Well to muted the water, we have these trusters that are basticaally really rugged The motor's they can seem like a quadcopter, they can handle water. These one's in the back allow it to move forward, and backward, and turn, and the vertical one allows it to move up and down, but the whole design is made so it can [UNKNOWN] Hydrodynamic, both moving horizontally in the water But also for diving way down into great depths. [MUSIC] Okay, are you ready? For the first round, we're taking them to two meters. The ten S should be fine because of its IP sixty eight rating. But the ten R is only rated for IP 67 which is 1 meter for up to 30 minutes Here we go 3 2 1 in the water [MUSIC] Let's stop it and let's pull them out. [MUSIC] Okay. Looks like everything's still working. Yeah, the touch screen's fully responsive. That looks good. Let's look around the back with the cameras. I can't see any evidence of water ingress, or any kind of fogging at all. That looks good. Testing, one, two, three. Live from Monterrey Bay. Testing one, two, three, live from Monterrey Bay. So the [UNKNOWN] is already been dunked, and I can because the speaker sounds a little bit distorted, while the 10 R sounds pretty clear. They both survived the first dunk, so we're taking them down to three meters. [MUSIC] All right. Looking good. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] Now we're drying them off after the second round at three meters. Looking good, they both seem to be responsive on the screens. Looking at the cameras I don't see any evidence of water ingress, there's no fogging either that I can tell. These phones are doing so well, they've already made it to and three meters. I think we should just go straight to the next level, and go straight to five. And dunk them for at least Five minutes, maybe even more. I totally agree, I'm really excited to see what happens. [MUSIC] Let's take these guys off Wow. Quite both are looking good that was five and then six meters for around 19 minutes. Look like it so responsive apps are still opening everything looking as expected back on camera, yeah. No water damage I can see. I definitely have noticed the volume has reduced, even at the maximum volume cranked up on both of the phones. They're both still working, so it's time to take them down to the bottom of the bay. The trident heads down to the sea floor about eight meters down. [MUSIC] Around the three minute mark, something is wrong on the XR. I think water has started to come in to the SIM card tray slot. All right. So you say this is the beginning of the end. I think this is the beginning of the end for the XR. The XR died at 6 minutes 50 under water at around 7.7 to 7.9 meters. [MUSIC] The [UNKNOWN] on the other hand is still going strong. [MUSIC] Alright let's pull it up.>> Alright here it comes. Now it's time to **** the damage Then 10R is very obviously not working, trying to turn the power on, nothing's happening. A lot of water just popped out as soon as I popped the SIM card tray out, okay. This, well there's definitely water damage, I can see on the sim card. Actually looks a little bit like there is some buckling here. The screen and the side doesn't sit as flush as it used to. ANd look what's happening if I tilt it upside down. [LAUGH] All the water that comes pouring out of that sim card [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]. So let's take a look at the 10S now. This one we've managed to submerge almost four times the rated depth, and it's looking good. Unbelievable, it's still going. Everything seems to be functioning okay. The touchscreen is fine, yep. Let's see, turn around and look at the camera. Can't see any evidence of water damage there. It looks pretty good, pretty clear. The real test to see if the iPhone had sustained any long term water damage was to check that liquid contact indicator inside the phone. But it hadn't activated which meant that no water had made its way inside the device. And a week after the water test, the phone was still going strong. The speakers just sounded a little more muffled. [MUSIC] Thanks so much for watching, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and a big thanks to OpenRov for making this all happen. [MUSIC]