[MUSIC] We've watched Ecobee closing on nest for years now. But Ecobee latest thermostat the $249 Ecobee. Before has officially bypassed Ness as the best premium smart thermostat. The Eco B4 retains the same responsive touch screen design and third party partners as its previous models. But this version also has Alexa capabilities. No, I don't mean it works with Alexa. The device itself is an Alexa speaker. Not only can you control your thermostat with Alexa you can also say all the same stuff you'd say with an Amazon Echo, Echo dot, or Tab. Like Alexa turn on the great room fan. Okay. This may not be a great value if your thermostat is. Centrally located but it's still a really clever integration, especially if you don't want a stand-alone Alexa device. The Eco View 4 also comes with a remote sensor. We stuck ours in the Smart Home bourbon room to track temperature consistency. Hey Siri. [SOUND] What's the temperature in the bourbon room? The Bourbon Room temperature in your CNET smart home is 66 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're already familiar with Ecobee, everything else is pretty much the same. Access your thermostat settings in the Android or iPhone app Or in the web app, and use [INAUDIBLE] smart things, Apple home kit or Alexa to add advanced functionality. It won't be worth the $249 if you aren't interested in these integrations, but the Ecobee four Is definitely the smartest smart thermostat we've ever reviewed. That plus its reliable performance makes it our top pick for smart thermostats today and an editor's choice winner. [MUSIC]