[SOUND] So the bigger screen iPad, your TV shows and movies are more cinematic. The games we play are more immersive and powerful. And an iPad is always a multi-touch device. So now with a bigger iPad Pro you can have a full-size software keyboard. So you can type in your documents with this great big keyboard. And keyboards can do many things, like be an amazing musical instrument. And the new multitasking features in iOS 9, Slide Over, Split View, Picture in Picture, were designed with this iPad Pro in mind. They make it so much more productive and capable. So how big is the screen on the iPad Pro? It's 12.9 inches on that diagonal. Why 12.9 inches? Well here let me tell you a little secret about its size. Let's put next to it our previous largest iPad, that's iPad Air 2. If you look at the width of the iPad Pro It is the same as the iPad Air. [APPLAUSE] And then we take that height and make a four by three ratio and now you have an iPad big enough to run your full iPad Air apps with more room side by side. It is an incredible display, it's 2732 by 2048 pixels Do the math. It's 5.6 million pixels. [APPLAUSE] We thought this display deserved a great sound system. And so for the first time ever in an Apple product, we now have a four speaker audio system. And it automatically balances the left and the right depending on how you're holding the iPad. And it balances the frequencies between the top and the bottom dynamically to create a beautiful stereo sound stage. And it puts out three times the audio volume of an iPod Air 2. You really have to listen to it. It's amazing. And that's packed into a device that's incredibly thin and light. [MUSIC]