[MUSIC] Hey everybody, I'm here at Manhattan Classic Car Club to show you Amazon's newest delivery service. Now the company will deliver inside your car. So this service is part of Amazon Key, which Amazon launched last year. Which started with in home deliveries services where they would deliver packages inside your house. This now extends the service to your car. The service will launch with 2015 model cars. Or after. They have to have a connected car service like OnStar, and it will launch with Volvo, Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC cars. So for this service to work, you have to use the Amazon Key App, and you have to park your car within roughly two block radius of your home or your office. You include things like the make and model of your car, what color it is, what your license plate is, and then the delivery driver will be able to find your car wherever it is parked in that radius. The Amazon Key in car delivery service works a lot like Amazon Key for your home, where the delivery driver doesn't need a specific access code or anything Basically, once the delivery driver is set and in the right place, Amazon will automatically open the car for the delivery driver. They'll be able to open it up, slide the package in, close, and then, remotely, lock the car. And the delivery driver has to confirm that the car is locked. Or they won't get their next delivery address. The delivery service allows you to purchase tens of millions of different items from an Amazon and it includes same day, two day delivery, depending on what your location is. It's also launching in the 37 cities where Amazon Key In home is available, and speaking to Amazon today, they mentioned that this is another extension of Amazon Key, so you might expect to see Amazon Key and more delivery services being added to this, sometime soon. [MUSIC]