This is the new iPhone 7 Plus, this is coming out in September, September 16th. So what's new in these phones? We've been expecting some iteration, maybe water resistance. Well that's here. IP67, and it's also got new color, this is black. There's also jet black, which is gloss This is just flat black and there's dual cameras. That's what makes the plus a step up from the seven this year. The dual cameras are both 12 megapixel and they can enable depth of field to do something in camera it's called boca that allows like a soft focus effect. And there's also zoom you can actually take photos on this. And snap from 1x to 2x and then go all the way up to 10x with software. And even if that software is zooming out, Apple says that the quality is a lot better than you got on previous iPhones so that's a big difference. There's also some tweaks across the iPhone like That home button is no longer a clickable one, it's solid state. So it feels like those force touch trackpad on t he Macbook, you press and hold to control it. There's also no headphone jack, as we knew, this has stereo speakers now and if you wanna connect to headphones, you can use included lightning adaptor in the box or use lightning connected Ear pad or use AirPod which is coming out on October. These are wireless, they automatically pair with the Iphone and you can pop about, put them on, connect then instantly and enjoy higher fidelity audio according to Apple with 5 hours of use. So maybe you switch for wireless Maybe use an adapter. That's what the iPhone has in a nutshell. Did I mention battery life? The new processors on both of these are not only faster and more graphically capable but they're more power efficient. They're gonna switch down and allow more hours of use. So both of these should expect at least several hours more battery life which is exciting to me. That, plus water resistance, I could drop it in the pool and still be able to use it for a longer period of time. More to come as we tap this. I'm Scott Sign here in San Francisco with the iPhone 7 plus.