This is Apple's new 9.7 inch iPad pro and it might be the best Apple iPad that's out there. This is an upgrade to the iPad air two last year. Instead of the larger screen, 12.9 inch pro, this in a smaller size includes just about all of what that had plus a bit more. This has got a 12 megapixel camera It also has the ability to color correct on the fly. There's a technology called True Tone that's in this screen that's new, that claims much better quality color accuracy, plus better anti-reflection features and better brightness than the last iPad. It also has improved speakers, like the iPad Pro did. It has the ability to connect accessories like this keyboard, through a side smart connector, just like the iPad Pro. Plus, it works With pencil. So you have the ability to use that pressure sensitive stylus. You've got to buy this separately to connect and be able to sketch and do really high quality work with that. One difference here is price. This starts at 599, so you're getting 32 gigs of storage. You can also pay up for 128 gigabytes or even 256 which is a level of storage that wasn't available on iPad. Before. If you add it up, this is a more powerful for the price iPad than any of the others out there, but you are sacrificing a little bit of screen size. Some people might like that. I like the portability. We'll see when we play more with this, but on paper, this is the best iPad that we've seen. I'm Scott Stein here at Cupertino looking at the 9.7 inch model of the iPad Pro. [MUSIC]