I'm Scott Stein here in Cupertino, and Apple enters the smart watch game. This is the Apple Watch, and I'm trying out an early demo version on my wrist. Now there are two different sizes and multiple styles. And we're not even getting into the features yet, this is just how it looks. This is a 38mm watch face. There's also a 42mm. This is the smaller one. So, it looks pretty good on me, but I actually like the larger size even better, but the point is, that these will work on men and women, and there available in three different metal designs. You can get aluminum, stainless steel or 18 carat gold, with a varying range of prices. All we know now is, it's gonna start at $349, and it's available early 2015. This is gonna pair with Iphones, Iphone 5 and later. And its going to stay connected with your phone and enabling you to track your fitness to do activity, heart rate with four sapphire lenses on the back that are supposed to be much more accurate in tracking your heart rate and also keep track of things like the amount of minutes you stand and the amount of calories you burn and also your fitness level throughout the day. Plus, this works with Apple Pay. So you're going to be able to use this for Apple's new contact free, wireless payment system. You'll wave this and pay wherever you go. And there's six different types of bands ranging from leather, to steel, to rubber. Some of them have standard watch clasps. Some of them have wrap around magnets that secure to your wrist really effortlessly. And this will enable you to also draw little fun emoji's to your friends too. Using a direct touch system. Now how do you interact with the Apple watch? You can touch and touch and swipe the screen, but there is also a digital crown here that uses an IR and other sensors in here to enable you to scroll to zoom in and out or click like a home button. And if you click here the button right below it goes to all of your friends and contacts, to be able to instantly reach out to them and again, send them little duels too. It has a slightly familiar smart watch design but a whole different set of features and a lot of high end style. I'm Scott Stein here in Cupertino trying on the Apple watch for myself.