I'm not exaggerating when I say the Google Pixel C is the best Android tablet ever. I mean just look at it. In addition to it's gorgeous screen and fast performance, it's built like a dream. The aluminum construction looks and feels great and its optional magnetic bluetooth keyboard is impressively solid. It attaches so strongly it feels like it's super glued to the tablet. You can also detach it and place it on the screen, so it can double as a cover, kind of like a laptop. Running the latest version of Android Marshmallow, it includes Google Now on tap. The useful feature makes researching information on your screen as easy as holding down a button. And, thanks to the four microphones on this top edge, the tablet quickly recognizes your voice when using Ok Google voice search. According to [UNKNOWN] News, Pixel C is- As a stand-alone tablet, prices start at $500, and the keyboard costs an additional 150. Its pricing, with or without the keyboard, is cheaper than the Apple iPad Pro And the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Those are two of the best productivity tablets around but if you want something more compact or affordable for working on the go, the Google Pixel C is a solid alternative.