[MUSIC] We all know the feeling of walking up and down aisles, trying to find that one last thing on our list. [MUSIC] So Lowe's is rolling out two new tech experiences to help make shopping and home improvement a little bit easier. The first is an app to navigate and find items in the store with computer vision. Using digital maps of each store, the app actually works out the quickest way to get the items on your list, and then the fastest way to check out. It's powered by Google's Tango technology, where a special camera senses depth in 3D. This means Tango can measure objects, map a room, and see virtual things in the real world. It's already being used in museums for augmented reality tools. In store, a yellow [INAUDIBLE] shows the path to the next item on your list. If straight forward and the camera didn't get confused when I quickly turned around or put the phone down to grab an item. The only issue with it is just one [UNKNOWN] phone right now. The [UNKNOWN] pro, more [UNKNOWN] are coming later this year but in the mean time you can borrow a phone in store to try it out. It's launching in April at two US stores in Sunny Dale California and [UNKNOWN] Washington. [MUSIC] If real-world shopping isn't enough, try home improvement in the virtual world. This VR experience on the HTTP Vibe walks you step-by-step through projects like retiling a bathroom. Who would have thought that home DIY and tiling would be a relaxing process? Haptic feedback from controllers and visual indicators tell you were you're going right or wrong. Before you DIY for real. [LAUGH] Lowes is trialing it in a few stores to start with, but eventually the VR app will available for download so you can practice skills at home. [BLANK_AUDIO] [LAUGH] This is what happens when you're looking at your phone screen, and not where you're going.