[MUSIC] Here at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, Google made a lot of announcements for a whole platform that we're not gonna see until later this year. Stadia s made to be a [UNKNOWN] ua gaming platform without necessarily any specific hardware except for this controller here in his cube. The stadia is made to be here for the developers but also for you tube streamers and creators And for game players, it's a game streaming platform that will stream games at 4K, 60 frames per second on tablets, phones, TVs, or the Chromecast Ultra, laptops, basically anywhere. Now, last year Google had Project Stream. They tested an Assassin's Creed game streaming as a way to test that data center and its reliability. Here, we haven't seen any big demos yet, but we're looking forward to playing and seeing what it can be. Later this summer, Google said that it's going to be talked about more. They're going to talk about more partners. Jade Raymond who created the Assassin's Creed franchise is leading a first person development studio called STADIA, that Google is doing to develop other games. There's a lot of potential here. There's a lot of questions too. How reliable will that connection be at home? But the possibilities are fascinating. Maybe thousands of people in Battle Royale games is what's been promised. Also for YouTube creators, the idea is that if you're streaming your live game, you'll be able to hop in. to that game. Possibly have this instanced unique experience where somebody is being a tour guide, or you're playing games together, leaping back and forth between streaming and gaming. But for all the rest of it, we're going to have to see. A lot of questions, a lot of Known no price is a subscription based or not, but here's the controller, Google Sadia at GDC we'll be following up soon with more. [MUSIC]