Speaker 1: Let's go beyond the phone to what we believe is the next evolution of mobile computing. The smart watch today, I'm excited to tell you about the biggest update to where OS ever we've been hard at work in three key areas. First building a unified platform jointly with Samsung focused on battery life performance and making it easier for developers [00:00:30] to build great apps for the watch. Second, a whole new consumer experience, including updates to your favorite Google apps and third world class health and fitness service created by the newest addition to the Google family. Fitbit. There's a lot to share here. So let's get started by talking about our partnership with Samsung, Samsung, and Google have a long history of collaborating from the early days of Android. [00:01:00] Whenever we've tackled problems to get the ecosystem has grown for everyone. And now we're combining the best of our two operating systems where OS and ties in into a unified platform focused on faster performance, longer battery life, and a thriving developer community. Speaker 1: Working together. We've made apps startup to 30% faster and animations and transitions are super smooth. We're also addressing what [00:01:30] consumers always want from a wearable longer battery life by taking advantage of smaller, lower power cores, we can do things like run the heart rate sensor continuously letting you better ch track your activity during the day and your sleep overnight. While giving you plenty of battery despair for the next day, this combined platform isn't just for Google and Samsung. It will continue to be available for all device makers, which means [00:02:00] developers can build apps with a single set of APIs and reach millions of consumers all over the world. Through the Google play store, to hear more about our partnership, it's my privilege to welcome Patrick Chama, who leads all product and experience at Samsung mobile to Google IO. Speaker 2: Thank you for the past 12 years, Samsung and Google have worked together and made Samsung galaxy [00:02:30] and Android successful. We strive to create innovative experiences for Samsung galaxy users. Most recently, we pioneered followable devices and delivered rich communication experiences with Google do and messages. And we are very excited about the new chapter of our partnership wears. The galaxy watch is already loved by Android smartphone users with our signature designs. Cool, watch faces ecosystem an innovative health platform. [00:03:00] We are bringing the best of these galaxy watch capabilities together with Google on a single platform, unifying the ecosystem for customers and developers. We work closely to optimize the performance, meaning better responsiveness and longer battery life. You will also be able to enjoy Google apps and services like the play store, Google maps, and more on the next Samsung galaxy watch. I am truly excited to welcome the developer [00:03:30] community to our new vibrant and open ecosystem. Thank you back over to you Samir. Speaker 1: Thank you, Patrick. We're very excited about our partnership and I know many developers will be thrilled about our unified platform on top of this new foundation, where it's also getting a big update to the consumer experience to tell you more, let me hand it off to Birn. Speaker 3: [00:04:00] Thanks Samir. Hey everyone. Over the last seven years, we've learned a lot about what people love most about art watch and we've built a whole new experience with your preferences in mind. First, our new navigation system makes it faster than ever to get things done on [00:04:30] your watch. No matter what you're doing, you can access shortcuts to important functions like instantly switching to another app. Let's say I'm running with Strava and I'm about to hit at that long grueling hill. I just double pressed to switch to my last app. Spotify put on my most motivating song and then switch right back without missing a beat. It's such a simple thing for a more helpful and fluid experience. People have also told us they love getting glanceable pieces [00:05:00] of helpful and information just to swipe away from their watch face. So we're expanding our collection of tiles. Thanks to the new tiles API. Any developer can create one, giving people many more ways to customize their home screen carousel. Now I can go from checking my next meeting to the weather forecast to this new tile from calm, which helps me relax before a stressful event like presenting at Google IO. Speaker 3: We've also been hard at work [00:05:30] revamping the wearables app experience with a material design update and expanded capabilities. Starting with your favorite ones from Google. This includes things like getting turned by turn navigation and Google apps. When you leave your phone behind being able to use Google pay in 37 countries in more than 200 public transit systems around the world, or downloading music from a catalog of more than 70 million songs for offline listening in the YouTube music app, even without your phone nearby, [00:06:00] we are thrilled about all the ways you'll be able to experience the best of Google on your watch. And speaking of the best of Google, I'm delighted to welcome the newest member of the family to wear Fitbit help and fitness is essential for wearables and Fitbit has built a world class service. So now I'd love to welcome James to share more about our collaboration. Speaker 4: [00:06:30] Thanks B nearly 14 years ago, my co-founder Eric Friedman and I started fit bit with a mission to make everyone in the world healthier. We've shipped over 130 million Fitbit devices as part of that mission. But over time, we've gone beyond just helping people track their fitness to supporting them in their health journey. By providing a range of devices from trackers to smart watches, along with software and services that give users amazing health and wellness content and [00:07:00] rich insights and analytics under data. And now that we're part of Google, we're working to bring the best of Fitbit to wear. We'll be making some of Fitbit's most popular features available in wear watches, including tracking your health progress throughout the day and on risk celebrations to help keep you motivated in future will be building premium smartwatches based on where that combine the best of Fitbits health expertise with Google's ambient computing capabilities. All this is just the beginning of how together with [00:07:30] Google, we can do even more to inspire and motivate people on their journey to better health back to you. Sumer. Speaker 3: Thanks, James. I couldn't be more excited for all the updates starting to roll out this fall.