Speaker 1: We're also bringing new capabilities into maps, using advances in 3d mapping and machine learning. We are using billions of AAL and street level images to create a new high fidelity representation of a place. These breakthrough technologies are coming together to power. A new experience in maps called immersive view. It allows you to explore a place like never before let's go to take, let's go to London and take a look. What a beautiful city say. You're planning to visit Westminster with your family. [00:00:30] You can get into this immersive view straight from maps on your phone, and you can pan around the sides. Here's Westminster a west a and if you're thinking of heading to see big bang, you can check if there's traffic, how busy it is and even see the weather forecast it's London. So I'm guessing it's rain Speaker 2: <laugh>. Speaker 1: Now, if you're looking to grab a by, during a visit, you can check out restaurants nearby and get a glimpse inside. [00:01:00] What's amazing is that this isn't a drone flying in the restaurant. We use neural rendering to create the experience from images alone and Google cloud immersive stream allows this experience to run on any smartphone. This feature will start rolling out in Google maps for select cities globally this year.