We can unlock the full potential of Google home to offer a truly personal experience. Today, I'm excited to announce hands free calling coming to Google home. For example, let's say I forgot to call my mom on mother's day. Well, now I call her while I'm scrambling to get the kids ready for school in the morning, I just need to say, hey Google, call mom. Sure. Calling mom. [SOUND] [LAUGH] So you're finally calling? [LAUGH] What [UNKNOWN] three days ago. Yeah, sorry about that they made me rehearse for IO on Mother's day, and since the [UNKNOWN] recognizes my voice. We called my mom. If my wife had asked, we would have called her mom. We can personalize calling, just like everything else. But you also have the option to link your mobile number to the Google Assistant. And we'll use that number whenever we recognize your voice. So whoever you call, let's knows it's coming from you. No we're rolling out hands free calling in the US. To all existing Google home devices over the next few months. Today we are now ion Spotify in addition to this subscription service we will be adding the free music service to Google home, so it's easier to play or Spotify players. [APPLAUSE] We will also be adding support for sound cloud and Deezer to the largest global music service today [APPLAUSE] And these music services will join many of the others already available through the assistant. And finally, we'll be adding Bluetooth support to all existing Google Home devices. So you can play any audio from your iOS or android device. And today we're announcing additional partners, including HBO NOW. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] So just where you wanna watch and we'll play for you all on a hands free way. So today we're announcing that we would be updating [UNKNOWN] to show visual responses on your tv when you ask for help from google home. For example, I can now say Ok google show my calendar for Saturday. Showing it on your tv. And it'll show up right on the TV screen. I'll immediately get results from the assistant. [APPLAUSE] And since the assistant detected my voice, will show on my calendar. Others will see their calendar by using their voice. We can personalize the experience even on the TV. I think you can see the fall of the conversation. It looks like I have a biking trip to Santa Cruz. What's the weather like in Santa Cruz this weekend? This weekend in Santa Cruz it will be clear and sunny most of the time. So it's really easy and it's all hands free. Your assistant can provide a visual response to a tv to a lot of different types of questions. We talked about how easy to play what you wanna watch on the TV screen. But what about those times you don't know what to watch? Well soon you can just ask, hey Google, what's on YouTube? Here you go. And it'll show me my personalized results right on the TV screen. If I don't like any of the options, I can continue the conversation with my voice. Show my watch later list. All right. Play, send my love. Play Send My Love from YouTube. [MUSIC] It's really simple. Again, no remotes or phone required. In a short conversation I found something really interesting to watch using Google Home. I can even do it with other things. Okay Google, so what's on my DVR? Here you go. Here we're showing how it works with YouTube TV, a new live TV streaming service that gives you live sports and shows from popular TV networks. And YouTube TV includes a cloud DVR, so I can easily play my saved episodes. Play Play modern family. Okay playing modern family from YouTube TV. Too easy nowadays you just lay around saying okay Google deem the kitchen lights. Sure thing. [LAUGH] Dad