Arizona residents can now be one of Google's crash test dummies, I mean, one of Google's self driving safety specialists. Google is hiring people in Arizona to sit in a self driving car for six to eight hours a day, collecting data for the engineering team. And the pay isn't too shabby, you get 20 bucks an hour to babysit the latest road robots. According to a report from the Arizona Republic newspaper. Google posted the job opening online and it requires you to type at least 40 words per minute, since you'll be taking notes with daily reports. Google has about 23 of these converted Lexus SUVs on the road now in areas of California, Washington, Texas And now Arizona, there's still a need for human to sit behind the wheel to take over while bugs get worked out. Apple is also taking step to expand into the auto business although Apple has not talk about itself driving car ambition, Apple has just invested $1 billion in a Chinese ride sharing company called Didi Chuxing. Didi is a big rival to Uber as the largest car-hailing app in China. It shows how Apple is expanding the beyond hardware to grow, it's becoming More of a services focus company. After all, iPhone itself aren't exactly growing these days. That's it for this tech news update. I'm Bridget Carey. And you could stay on the top of the biggest stories at [MUSIC]