Google reportedly fires controversal memo author. According to Bloomburg, the author of a document entitled Google's Ideological Echo Chamber was fired. The Google engineer was identified as James D'amore who confirmed his dismissal. D'amore said he was fired for perpetuating gender stereotypes. In his 10 page memo [UNKNOWN] said women are underrepresented in technology partially due to biological reasons. And that quote we need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism. Reports say the memo was met with negative feedback by a majority of the employees who had seen it.. Google CEO [FOREIGN] wrote his own memo. Which was later published on Google's blog. The post said quote, portions of the memo violate our code of conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace. Pichai's post also said the company supports employees expressing themselves and people must feel free to express dissent, however Pichai reiterated that it must be done within Google's Code of Conduct. Google's CEO he was on a family vacation, but has decided to return to the company on August 9th. Dan Moore told the New York Times that he may look into legal action, because he thinks his termination was unlawful. For more coverage, check out I'm Iyaz Akhtar and I'll see you online.