[MUSIC] There are so many things in life you want to achieve. We all dream of exercising daily, packing a lunch, and learning a new language. But Monday rolls around and you're still snoozing your alarm. Google wants to help you achieve your goals by automatically finding time in your calendar. Your Google calendar of course. The feature works by asking you a few questions about what you want to do. So you could tell it you'd like to run three times a week. Then Google scans your calendar and finds the best times for you to schedule that goal. What's neat is that if you end up scheduling something at the same time, Calendar will automatically find a better time. It's a cool feature but I'm a little skeptical because does this mean that you'll have to pencil in every little thing, like the time it takes To get ready in the morning, or the commute home from work, so that the automatic scheduling doesn't overlap, I'm not sure it's not better than just scheduling some goals yourself. We'll see though, because Google promises that the more we use it, the smarter it'll get, so give it a shot and you might finally get that six pack you've always wanted. [SOUND]