[MUSIC] We're here at Google's smart home in San Francisco, California taking a look at some of the new features they're rolling out for their smart speakers, the smart displays, and Google Assistant in general. So let's head in and take a look. So, Google Assistant has this feature called broadcasting which let you speak a message to your phone or to a smart speaker and it will send that message to all connected smart speaker now they're adding on to it with a feature that let you Apply to those broadcasts. So we're gonna give that a try. So you have to imagine that we're actually in different places, and not standing next to each other. And I'm gonna get us started. Broadcast message. [MUSIC] What's the message? Hey Andrew, I'm on my way to the barbecue. Do you want me to pick something up? [MUSIC] Got it, broadcasting now. [MUSIC] Hey Andrew, i'm coming on my way to the barbecue. Do you want me to pick something up? [MUSIC] What's the message? Yeah, we need a bag of ice and exactly three red Solo cups please. [MUSIC] Got it, sending now. And I got my notification right at the top of the phone. [MUSIC] So it's a pretty handy feature, that is a nice continuation of that broadcast functionality- Which we're excited to see roll up. So you'll be able to reply to broadcast in a couple of weeks. It's going to work on smart displays, smart speakers and your phone. You'll be able to do it with voice commands and the press of a button. Another feature that's rolling out to smarts place in a couple of weeks are gonna make them even more helpful in the kitchen. So one of my favorite features Google smart display is their ability to walk you through a recipe step by step. While showing you all the steps and letting you multitask with timers and then go right back to the recipe. Google's doubling down and making this feature better. If you notice now on the home screen, they'll have a recommended recipe Based on the time of day, based on your searches. And that's pretty cool. But in addition to that, hey, Google. Show me recipes for cheesy mashed potatoes. [BLANK_AUDIO] Sure. Here are some recipes. So all this we could do before. But watch now when I. Pick one. There is this new thing called save to my cookbook, so if I hit that any recipe that I particularly like is now saved to this separate place, so I can easily go back and find the staff that I would like to cook, and then I can take a look at the cookbook just by saying, hey google show me my cookbook [MUSIC] Okay, your cookbook. And you can see all of my saved recepies right here, so I can keep track of the favorite stuff I have that I like to cook. So the Google Assistant and Google Smarts because in general are getting more family friendly. So, Google's making setting an alarm more fun for kids and If I'm being honest, I kind of enjoy this too. Watch this, hey Google, set a teenage mutant ninja turtle's alarm. Okay, you can pick April O'neal, Leonardo, Donatelo, Raphael or Michael Angelo. I'd like Leonardo. [MUSIC] Leonardo? Sounds good. What time should I set it? 30 seconds from now. [MUSIC] Sure your alarm with Leonardo is set for today at 12:55p.m. I'm Leo, I have a great feeling about this. So Google working with Nickelodeon on this partnership which, you know, is again just sort of intended to make this basic functionality more fun for kids for setting a timer for like. Brushing their teeth or waking up in the morning or something like that. So, it's pretty cool and it goes along with what Google is doing with Disney and some of this story books and they're adding new books to their real long functionality as well. Now, if you're all grown up. You may or may not want Michael Angelo to be waking you up Fortunately the google clock ap on your phone is getting more robust. So Google has integrated the assistant into the alarm ap on your phone, so if you go here you can actually adjust various Routine settings is to trigger automatically as soon as you turn off your alarm.Routines and customisable routines have been around for a little bit,but now you can trigger a specific routines for when your alarm goes off in the morning.You can get the news,play a morning pod cast,all the normal thing you will be able to do from routine without needing a separate voice command that just triggers automatically from when you wake up So the routines in the clock app aren't as fully customisable as normal routines. But it's still fairly robust with lots of different options you can see that you can check and enable. [MUSIC] At the other day, you cannot give a voice command to your google home or google home. Hub and silence your phone. Silence my pixel 3. This only works with the Pixel 3 for now and, of course, we're in a demo space, so there's lots of Pixel 3s here. This feature will work with voice recognition, so When you say the sound to your phone it will silence yours versus your significant others. So Google's rolling a lot of these features out over the course of the next couple of weeks which of course is probably not coincidental as they might be top of the line for you when you're deciding which smart speaker to buy this holiday season. [MUSIC]