[MUSIC] Beginning today, Google's new messaging app Allo is available for download on Android and iOS. Though many messaging services already exist like Facebook messenger and Google's more collaborative Communication platform Hangout. [UNKNOWN] stands out because of its integration with Google Assistant. Assistant is basically a bot you can chat with that uses Google's best first database to enter questions like, what are the coffee shops nearby and how do you say hi in French? You can also bring up assistant in group chat to get details on restaurant plans, movie time, or just settle a debate. Owl also has a smart replies which generate a number of generic replies during a chat. These phrases get pretty inane if you expect to form a full, thoughtful conversation with them. But they're useful when you're on the go and have to quickly respond. [UNKNOWN] doesn't just recognize text either. When you send over a photo it can recognize the subject matter and call up responses for that image too. Now, if the idea of Google services continually keeping an ear out during your chats creep you out there's incognito mode. You won't get any of the services like Assistant or Smart Reply, but Incognito's end-to-end encryption, which aren't accessible by Google servers, will give you user privacy. Other features include chat stickers, casual image notations And the ability to increase or decrease text size to reflect the intensity of your reaction. Whether you're shouting like this or whispering like this. For more information on Google apps, including our full hands on, check out CNET.com. [MUSIC]