[MUSIC] [NOISE] I have been watching you. You have to remember. [NOISE] [MUSIC] I saw someone down there. It wasn't human. He's a known terrorist and he's killed again. [SOUND] They didn't just kill them, they hacked into their minds. He's everywhere and nowhere. I will find him, [SOUND] and I will kill him. [SOUND] [MUSIC] And they will talk about your past. I don't remember much, just five minutes. [SOUND] There was an attack. You were dying. We saved you. And now, you saved others. [MUSIC] Everything they told was a lie. You had a family. Remember that [MUSIC] What are you? [SOUND] What a beauty you are. [SOUND] [MUSIC] What do you want from me? [MUSIC] They did not save your life. They stole it. [MUSIC] How many were there before me? [MUSIC] She was supposed to have a clean brain. [MUSIC] I order you to terminate. [MUSIC] Major! [MUSIC] They created me, but they cannot control me. [MUSIC]