Love to play games on the go, the Samsung Galaxy S7 packs several features to make mobile gaming awesome. The game launcher organizes all of your games into one place, and gives you quick access to gaming settings. Here you can turn off alerts so they don't bother you during your game play. And you can change the battery settings to save power. The Game Tools menu is this little floating menu that pops up but stays out of the way while you're playing and you can use it to lock the recent and back keys so they won't fire off while you're playing a game. Tap Minimize Game to pause the game and to create a little floating menu. To return to your game, either tap it or drag it to the top of your screen Screen. The game tools menu lets you take a screen shot of your gameplay and more importantly, record your game while you play. You can choose to have the front facing camera record your face and use the microphone to record your audio. Or use the games audio. [MUSIC]