[MUSIC] This is GE's next generation kitchen hup. As you can see, we have a 27 inch Android tablet here. Also, there's a microwave inside. So we have 1000 watt microwave, we have an Android tablet. So the hub has two cameras, one here for video chats and it actually has a camera underneath That can recognize food and help you cook. Now the smart display isn't the same as like the Google Nest hub which is designed to be controlled entirely with your voice, you can see it at a distance. Instead this one is a full on Android tablet right here on your microwave. And it has some advanced cooking guidance that we're gonna go through right now. So when I hit the kitchen hub app, it's gonna open up one of these cameras, and it should be able to recognize the food that I have over here when I take a photo, and then that's gonna help me figure out what I wanna cook when I hit suggest recipe. So going through the demo, some of this stuff is still being developed. But Skillet Garlic Butter Herb Steak and Potatoes. I mean that sounds good to me. So guided cooking recipes. You also have a whole library of recipes that you can use that are loaded on here. That you can pick based on the ingredients you have lying round the house. But we can use that food recognition to help us pick and help us get started cooking. So you see the steps here, there some responsiveness, the voice controls and you can go through one at a time. Now here's the really cool piece. It's called AI done this and when I put the steak in here It's plastic, no danger of food poisoning. You can see where we trying to get an a progress bar that isn't filling up. And then when I swap it out for the other plastic one that looks really done, [SOUND] in theory the progress bar fills. There it goes. So, in the step is done and it prompts me to go on to the next step it recognises that I don't have garlic in there again using that food recognition technology, and I say I don't want garlic, and then I move on and we're at the last step, and I finished and then once I'm done, it shows me the main ingredients. And it shows me the nutritional intake that I can sink right to my Fitbit. After eating what looks like a more delicious meal than any real food I've actually cooked for myself in a while. So in addition to that, again, you can access a full library of recipes that you can sort and via a variety of different filters and inside is 1000 watts microwave And there will supposedly be a camera inside the microwave as well when this thing ships. When is that gonna be? At some point later this year, but they haven't announced the price yet. In addition to all the cooking guidance, there is the usual Android tablet [UNKNOWN] This. You can watch Netflix, you can give it voice controls with Google assistance and all while you're cooking your frozen meal or getting guided in preparing a nice plastic garden Lipstick. So this is similar to the kitchen hub that GE rolled out last year, only now there's a microwave. Now there's better food recognition. And when it rolls out we'll get to test it to see if it really can make a kitchen that much smarter and maybe even help a guy. Like me cook. If you liked the video, please click that thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel. And stay tuned to CNET for all kinds of CDS goodness. [MUSIC]