It's official. Three popular gaming forums were hacked in 2015 and 2016. Xbox 360 ISO and PSP ISO are forums where users can download game files. Those forums were hacked back in Sept 2015 according to security expert For Troy Hunt. Troy Hunt runs, have i been pwned? A website where you can enter your email address and see if it has ever been involved in a hack. The site tracks data breaches and these three form hacks recently came to light. The other effective forum is run by Witcher Dev CD Projekt Red. The developer alerted it's members in April 2016 that an unauthorized user may have made a copy of an older form database but confirmed the breach earlier this week. They urge users to change their passwords as a precautionary measure even though the hacked passwords were encrypted. All three form accounts don't include financial information but usernames and passwords were part of the hack. So if you've ever registered there and even Think you use the same email and password combinations somewhere else? You should change those log ins immediately. Especially for your Xbox gamer tag or Playstation network credentials where you might have credit card information stored. For more information, head over to I'm Ashley Esqueda. Be a good human.