The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is here and we have the specs, the release date and the price of the latest foldable phone. So let's break down all the details. [MUSIC] First things first, the phone costs $1,999 and it will be released on September the 18th. With pre-orders beginning on September 2, let's talk about the stuff on the spec sheets. So when Samsung first announced the Z Fold 2 at Samsung unpacked a couple of weeks ago, along with all the Galaxy Note phones, we did find out a few details about the phone. Namely, that the front will have a cover that is 6.2 inches Super emo OLED display, which opens up to as 7.6 inch dynamic an OLED display with a 120 hertz variable refresh rate, and it's covered in Samsung's ultra theme glass. Also similar gloss to that used on these the flip. But now we know some other details about the phone that we didn't know previously it will have a side fingerprint sensor for unlocking. Facial recognition as well for biometric unlock the choice of mystic bronze or black as a color. And if you buy it through Samsung directly, you'll be able to customize the color of the hinge that your phone comes with one of four colors red, blue, silver or gold, but the other top line specs is strikingly similar to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. That includes the 120 hertz refresh screen that I mentioned earlier. Also a 4500 milliampere hour battery, 12 gigabytes of RAM. It is 256 gigabyte storage which is a bump up from the low 128 base to on the note 20 Ultra, although the Z 42 won't come with expandable storage. Such as a micro SD slot like the Note series, and it will run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 plus processor but this time around, everybody is getting the cold compresses. They will not be an excellent experience and it will be 5G. After the hinge, we already knew that it was gonna be a hideaway hinge design, which allows the phone to enter into flex mode, pretty much the same as the Z flip so it can stay open and hold its orientation. When you wanna do things like take selfies, watch a movie or do a video call. Totally hands free. Samsung has also said that the hinge has been tested to 200,000 folds that is the same rating as the original galaxy fold. Now I do have some bad news to bring you and it is that this phone is not water resistant. There is no IP rating, unfortunately So, that's a bit of a sad face from me. So, don't take it, you know, to the beach, the pool, the bathroom, or the toilet. Wherever you take your phone, it is not IP rated for any sort of water-resistance. On the front cover is Gorilla Glass victus which is the current circuit strongest level of Gorilla Glass that you can get at the moment on the back. The cover is Gorilla Glass six so it's last generations glass. The screen protector is also an interesting one because in the box. The phone will have a pre installed screen protector on the front but that's usable removable if you don't like it, on the inside when you open up the phone, it will also have a screen protector but you're not supposed to remove Remove this one. But if you do want to take it out, you can contact Samsung and they will remove it for you. The camera is not too much of a surprise from what we were expecting at least on the hardware front that rear camera 12 mega pixels on all three cameras on the ultra wide, regular wide angle and on the telephoto And the 10 megapixel selfie camera on the front and 10 megapixels on the infinity or display cutout camera on the inside display. The rear camera has some interesting tricks so when you have the phone in flex mode, you'll be able to see a live viewfinder of what the camera is actually seeing on the top half of the screen And on the bottom half, you're able to see the photos that you've taken past five or so that you've shot. Then you'll also be able to show someone that you're taking a photo of, if you have the phone open, they'll be able to see what the preview of the image looks like using the front cover. Then there's an auto framing feature. Now this one sounds pretty interesting. When you're taking your video, the camera will use machine learning and facial recognition to work out how many people are in the frame and be able to follow the action. So it doesn't mean that Fern itself is gonna just move on its own accord like if it was on a spinner or something. It's actually just gonna be switching between the ultra wide and the wide cameras to make sure that people are in the frame and in the video. [MUSIC] As they enter in and out to make sure that you know, if you're doing a blog or something and you're moving around and the camera static, you will be in the shot. [MUSIC] Now the other thing to note about the camera technology is that unfortunately, you don't get the 8k video recording or the 108 megapixel sensor on something like the Galaxy Note 20 [MUSIC] Ultra. But you do still get Pro mode, which means manual exposure control for photos, night mode and single take and a bunch of those other features. Multitasking is obviously a big part about buying a foldable phone and the Z fold two doesn't look like it's gonna slouch on this at all. There's lots of multitasking options. The first is obviously like we saw in the original fold, the ability to have one app on one side of the screen and one on the other when the phone is open, you'll also be able to have three apps open at one time, be able to change The layout and size accordingly and set a preset will also be able to drag and drop between the different windows for example, if you have like our PowerPoint open in one side and then you gallery in the other, you can just drag across images really easily. Plus certain third party apps are going to be optimized for the displace or things like Spotify, YouTube, Gmail. Microsoft Office for example have usability tweaks to make the most of that screen. Now the wireless dex capability is pretty much going to be the same as it is on the note 20 Ultra so you'll be able to throw your screen to a larger screen like a Samsung television The other thing that's super intriguing about the xfl, too, isn't actually the hardware. It's this other z premium service that comes with your $2,000. Fine. Now this is like kind of a concierge service. We saw a earlier iteration of it when you bought a z fold and the Z flip. You can call a hotline to get help with your device if you need there's also an app based way to get support. But then there's some other more tangible benefits that are actually like physical benefits as founders club membership there is access to golf courses. There are things like LinkedIn, premium memberships, fitness memberships and you know classes available. And my personal favorite is that Michelin star meal in your house. I mean, like, it's not worth $2,000 for me but Sign me up. Like I want this Michelin star meal if I'm buying a fancy phone as well so that's pretty intriguing. The list is constantly going to be added to over time. So I'm really interested to see who takes advantage of the Z premium service and if it's worth it for you, but really the most important part of that Z premium service to me at least, seems to be that one time screen replacement options. So if something happens to that internal 7.6 inch display. What's gonna happen is you can request a replacement and it will cost you $149. So, a little bit of extra peace of mind so you don't have to completely buy a brand new phone if something happens to that internal display. All right, that's a lot to take in. But we are going to be getting our hands on z fold two really soon. So we'll have lots more hands on impressions and of course a full review to share with you.