[MUSIC] Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus, and we're gonna tell you what we think about it. What are you most excited by? I am most excited about the camera because, for me, I am a photographer. And this is the first phone that's got an aperture that actually physically changes. It can go from a normal size to a much wider. And when that happens, it lets in a lot more light. So hopefully, this could take really great shots in low light. It's not the only thing about the camera, though. It also does super slow motion video at 960 frames a second. So if you wanna get those action shots of your dog catching a ball, now it'll be really slow, and. And look really cool. And also what you'll notice on this is that there are two lenses. And one of these is a regular view, and one of them is a telephoto zoom. So that lets you zoom in on the action without having to crop into your picture and reduce the quality. Both of them are 12 megapixels. But the other thing having the dual lens allows is for those portrait mode Where there is a nice, attractive, out-of-depth [UNKNOWN] effect around your subject. Jess, what's the most exciting thing for you? Okay, well, the camera definitely takes the cake because there aren't that many upgrades to the phone. But I have to admit that I am loving [INAUDIBLE] the new placement of the fingerprint reader on the back of both of these phones. On the S eight, S eight plus, and the note eight it was all the way off to the side of the camera so you had to really lunge to use it. Of course there is still iris scanning and other ways that you can get Yeah this is a phone, but this is secure, it's pretty convenient and Samsung has finally taken the hint and done what nearly everybody else in the industry does and placed it below the camera module, much more centered in the phone. So this a small but I think very important upgrade because when you're constantly doing this, You know, it makes a difference where the placement is. You don't smear your finger over the lens, which is always handy. Which I do all the time on the S8. What do you think about the design generally, though? Yeah, I think the design is really beautiful. From the front, if you. You don't have this purple color or that blue color. You might actually think it looks exactly the same as the S8. The bezels are ever so slightly thinner, you still have this beautiful screen, curves on both sides. You still have this little bar on the side that you can still customize, and everything Android inside. So, I think it's nice. It's not exciting. But it's nice. That's not why you buy this phone. You don't buy it for radical design. Well, maybe you'll buy it for another new feature which uses the front-facing camera. And it's these AR emojis where you can take a picture of your own face, take a selfie. And it willl create a cartoon version of yourself which animates as you talk. Now you've given this a try, and what are your thoughts? I actually don't Don't love it, I think it's really rusty and I think that it doesn't track your face well, it doesn't create representations that actually you would identify with, that look and feel like you. It sort of feels like a me to feature for the iPhone 10 and emoji, and I think a lot of that has to do To do with the camera. You've got a regular 2D 8 megapixel camera in here. The iPhone 10 has a 3D tracking camera, so it really just tracks your face better. I think this is just a question of this generation being a starter and in the next generation, possibly in the note 9, we'll see a lot of refinements there. So it's fun, it's got potential, it will definitely get people thinking about AR in ways that go beyond what we have today. Beyond Pokemon, right? But is there yet? No. And still lot of reason that you would buy this phone. Maybe not. But to finish, how much it's gonna cost and when can we get it? Right. Okay, so the phones both go on pre-order March 2nd, will be in stores March 16th. We are going to have an opportunity to test everything. From the new faster chips inside. To all those camera features that we talked about, and we'll have a much better idea of how this will stand up against those top phones on the market, the iPhone X, the Google Pixel 2 XL, all the other ones that are there. I think there are a lot of people, who have been sort of on the On the fence wondering, do I wait for the new Samsung phone? Do I get what's already out there? Do I just hold off and wait another year for something else? And I think all of those questions will be answered very soon. [MUSIC]