This is CNET. And here the stories that matter this week. Samsung Galaxy S20 leaks are springing up all over the internet. The company is expected to launch its next flagship phone, originally thought to be called the S11 at its unpacked event next month. A tweet from SDA developers MaxWhinebach details, some more specs, including three different storage options and SD card slots supporting up to one terabyte of storage, and much more. No, Twitter will probably never add an edit button to modify your tweets. In a video interview with Why I published last Tuesday, Twitter CEO and co founder jack Dorsey answered a series of questions posted by users on the platform he helped create in 2006. There are many reasons why it could be a good thing. However, Dorsey believes that an edit button could lead to misuse Such is misinformation, and finally, Microsoft will undo its carbon footprint. The company announced that by 2030, Microsoft will become carbon negative. CEO Satya Nadella explained that by the year 2050, the company will remove, quote, all the carbon its emitted by Microsoft's founding in 1975. He also said Microsoft is investing $1 billion in tech and a climate Innovation Fund designed to reduce carbon emissions. You can stay up to date with the latest by visiting CNET