[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] All the sound you just heard came from these. We're under 60 Galaxy Homes. So when we designed this figure, we set out to deliver. High quality sound thankfully with AKG every aspect of galiseum engineered to make your music sound amazing it has elegant circular phone factor what is need to high range speakers to send the sound in every junctions. And it has a subwoofer that provides deep, rich base as well. And with the [UNKNOWN] natural sound processing, you get a realistic, surround sound experience that feels like you're right in the middle of a live concert. [BLANK_AUDIO] We've also integrated [UNKNOWN] which detects your location and optimize sound based on where you are in the room. Just say, hi, Bixby, SoundSteer, and the music is directed right at you. [BLANK_AUDIO] As I mentioned before, the Galaxy Home. Also has XUB anthem, SmartThings hub built right in. So it gives you instant access to the largest open ecosystem of smart devices, using all neobots. So it is as easy as saying high speed. The Galaxy Home also has A [UNKNOWN] for Far-field Voice Recognition. They'll pick up that voice command from clear across the room. This is a first look at this amazing speaker. We are excited to share more details about it soon.