[SOUND] Keep going everybody. Come on. Getting fit isn't easy for everyone. Fitbit's made a lot of fitness trackers aiming at everyone from the casual entry level to higher end athletics. It looks like their latest watch is aiming right at the middle. The Fitbit Versa is a smart watch FitBit's second full app running watch after FitBit's Ionic Smart Watch debuted last year. The Ionic was expensive, angular and full of features. The Versa runs the same apps as FitBit Ionic. FitBit's growing app and watch face collection feels a lot like what Pebble Smart Watch used to have. Not a surprise, as FitBit acquired Pebble. At $200, or 230 for a special edition, it now undercuts the Apple Watch. Its also more compact than the 42mm. Apple Watch, and thinner. it is one of the lightest fitness smart watches I have worn. Versa has almost all the Fitbit Ionic features minus GPS. There is heart rate including an extra SPO2 sensor. That could help detect sleep apnea or atrial fibrillation down the road. It can store music side loaded from a computer, or via Pandora or Deezer subscription apps. It can be used for swimming with 50 meter water resistance. Wrist payments are optional, they're only included on a $230 special edition model in the US, which comes with an extra woven band. accessories like silicone, woven, leather, mesh and steel bands cost thirty to one hundred. Fit-bit software updates include more on wrist information on activity workouts and heart rate and added women's health tracking for menstrual cycles and a family mode that can add kids to your account. Speaking of kids, Fitbit's also launching another fitness tracker specifically for kids 8 and up called Fitbit Ace. It's a rebranding of the Fitbit Ulta tracker with added kid oriented software. I'm not sure about the kid angle but Versa looks like a total blend of Fitbit and Pebble to go up against Apple Watch. We'll find out soon enough if it succeeds.