Hey, guys, this is Brian Bennett, and we're taking a first look at the new FirstBuild Prisma Cold Brew machine. And we're at the FirstBuild event in Louisville, Kentucky taking a look at this cold brew coffeemaker. And it basically does a lot of really interesting things. The coolest thing about it, though, is it makes cold brew in just 10 minutes which is extremely short. Usually it takes 24 hours and we're gonna get a quick little rundown of what the product does. So man, let me just ask you a quick question. So, especially the best thing about this is that it makes the coffee extremely Quickly. Makes colder quickly and do you know how much the price is going to be? The price is going to be 299 MSRP and if you want [INAUDIBLE] next month, mid July. Okay. Got you. Okay. Cool. All right. There you have it folks we are going to have this Prisma coffee maker to make cold brew, extremely quickly. Based on the year and the costing it is 299. Thanks a lot.