Hey Google, play some music. [MUSIC] This is the new Google Home Mini. Actually it's the Nest Mini. It's the second generation of Google's smallest smart speaker and they've made several changes. [MUSIC] As you can see there is four colors. You can have charcoal, sky, coral or chalk. The top fabric looks the same as the first generation but it's actually made of 100% recycled plastic. There's also a few changes on the other side as well. You can see they've added a wall mount. So if you want, you can stick this up on your wall and talk to Google from there. On the inside. They've changed the speaker to the first generation. This one right here and it's a little bit smaller. The second generation is noticeably thicker and it's made to create bigger base. So it takes up a little more space so that you get a little bit of a deeper sound out of this small smart speaker. There's also a new microphone. So now you have a total of three mics listening for your voice from across the room. touch controls for playing and pausing music are now on the. The top but the rest of the speaker is pretty familiar. There's not an audio jack or anything different in that respect. So Google also added something called ultrasound technology. And that senses when my hand is close to the speaker so if I come closer like this, these two LEDs will light up and those tell me where To touch for the volume, so I can turn it down or back up. [MUSIC] And like we talked about earlier, you can also pause and play music from the top now. So I can tap it here. Deposit, tap happen again to play [MUSIC] Inside the [UNKNOWN] mini there's now an ML chip and an ML chip will learn things like when you ask for routines over and over again turning on the lights or playing your favorite song. And the many would be able to do that locally instead of sharing your information with the cloud. Within this many Google has also added in BEIQ, and that detects background noise to adjust the sound of a broadcast or your news depending on how much noise is happening around you. Then the nest many will be available for few order October 15th and in stores on October 22nd. Stay tuned for more as we test it out at CNET Smart Home. [BLANK_AUDIO]