They're here, they're $129, and they came out of a vending machine. These are Snapchat Spectacles. Early this morning, Snapchat dropped a beautiful large yellow vending machine on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Santa Monica, California. What happened next was exactly what they hoped for. Hundreds of Snapchat users lined up in the Southern California heat for an opportunity to pick up a pair of spectacles. So let's take a look. The packaging is really cool. The case acts as the charger for your spectacles and it's actually really easy to use. They're lightweight when you put them on, which I wasn't expecting, and pairing them to your device is as easy as opening up the SnapChat App and looking at your Snap Code with spectacles. Once you've done that, you can click the button to take ten second snaps. If you click it before the ten seconds is over, it'll continue your video. If not, that ten seconds of footage gets uploaded to your memories in snapshot and you can now published it as you choose. One of the coolest features of snapshot spectacles was something I didn't expect. Once you record your 10 seconds footage you can view it in either in landscape or portrait mode and it will be beautifully centered no matter what [UNKNOWN]. That's a great feature. Spectacle sold out pretty quickly during the day, but Snapchat says the vending machine isn't going to stay in Venice Beach. It'll be travelling. And if you want to find out where it'll show up next, you can head over to [MUSIC]