I just got a chance to try on the new Nike Mags. These are really the shoe from Back to the Future II, where you saw Michael J Fox just pop them on and the power laces automatically gripped onto his feet. This is actually life imitating art now. We have this shoe where you put it in and it detects your heel when you press to the bottom. Then you actually see the laces tighten over the top of your foot. and then really kind of get a snug fit, you can adjust them with buttons. There is even it's own button, where you can turn on the lighting on the side and also on the strap which makes kind of really glow and pop. We also got a chance to talk to Tiffany Beards and really she's the brains Behind all the technology that's packed inside this shoe. Everyone expected it to operate exactly how it did in the film, so how quickly it tightened, how it tightened. And so we held the line on as much of that as we could, and definitely on the ascetics of the shoe. So we didn't change anything. Aesthetic wise. It's been almost a decade of working on this off and on. And it's awesome to see it in the flesh right now, and see everyone trying it on. Now, the way to get the shoe, It's not gonna be easy. You can't just buy it at a store. They're gonna have to go at nike.com/mag and It's gonna be a raffle system Basically it's $10 per raffle ticket. All proceeds go to Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's disease. But that is the only way you'll get them. They only come in size 7,9 11 and 13. There's only 89 pairs that are going to be available, so, these are extremely rare. But this is one of those cool things things where technology, gadgety, geekery, they all combine into one thing that just gets up juiced up. Sneaker has the light come on, you know you love this. So, this is one of those cool moments of things where everything comes together. And there you have it. It's the first look at the Nike [UNKNOWN] [SOUND]