We've only seen seconds of the BB-8 droid in the Star Wars the force awakens trailer but its already become an instant fan favorite and now thanks to the genius minds from spearo we have one all to ourselves. This is our hands on with BB-8. And I'm gonna bring him to life with an app. So, like you're the product, there's an app that's a companion to actually control and function- [MUSIC] Yeah. And of course we have to start with the iconic music. We'd like to say it's about 90% Star Wars maybe there's 10% Hero in there. The playfulness. And we're going to bring him to life. Is he kind of, did I see him glow a little bit. Yeah, he's coming to life. So, I know I'm connected to him, because I can act up the app now. And there's a number of different things I can do with the app. The one that we think that people will probably start with is always driving. Okay, so you, I've shown you, you know how laser works. I have to aim it. So, I'm basically just taken that blue light, and aimed it at me. Now, he knows I know what direction he's going in. Oh, my goodness. [NOISE] And the way we thought about it was we thought, you know, we need him not only to be driveable, but we need to emulate certain emotions. We needed to be able to project those. We created with certain scenes, so just for example, You know BB-8, are you okay with these hot lights? No, no, no, no, no. He's saying no, no,no. Now but are you cool being on camera? [SOUND] So he likes that. I mean the core is obviously we see the swirl ball, is that? What do you guys use to attack that? Is it magnets, is it magic? I mean, what is it, a combination? It's the force. It's the force. Of course it's the force. And we know that people are probably gonna, they're probably gonna buy them. They're gonna bring them home and they're gonna try to figure it out. We're not gonna tell you not to, but we're not gonna give away all our tricks. I also wanted to ask you There's more features than even just controlling this that you have on the box. Can you tell us some of the other cool stuff you added to the thing? I can. I can show you some stuff that we're pretty proud of. We created a holographic messaging system. [LAUGH] The modern incarnation of a classic design, the [UNKNOWN] T70 X-wing fighter- You can kinda see here. [CROSSTALK] combat craft of the resistance forces- [CROSSTALK] Oh. You line up that with them. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Against the first order. And look, we can do one for you. So you're just going to hold that up. Okay, so it's going to be like this? Mm-hm. Help me BB-8, you're my only hope. [LAUGHING] That's all I wanted to do. Okay, so basically it's going to transmit that message over to BB-8. Okay. And then you- Was my acting chops okay? Those were pretty good, that was pretty good. It's okay if you lie. It's okay. Very George Lucas. Yeah. You're my only hope. Yes. So we built that messaging system. Oh this is killing me. That is so cool. Now there is one thing I don't know if this is in the product or not but the boxes only allow voice commands? Yes. Okay bb eight. So now there's a menu of things I can say to him. So I'm gonna send him for Look around. [BLANK_AUDIO] What's the retail price point of this? It's $149.99. And it'll be available? It'll be available online, in our stores, at Amazon. In retail. It's at the Apple store. The Disney store. Best buy>> When will that be>>and that is midnight september fourth.>> Midnight september fourth. Whatever time is on your end. This is amazing so Rob thanks so much for your time. This is really our first look at BBA. Amazing. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]