My God, I see drones heading towards us. This was the first time I actually felt like I had been in a VR world. Get the gun in the filing cabinet. Okay, they want me to get the gun and go after the drones. The fact that I was picking up a gun. The fact that I'm opening the door and I see it open as I open it. You gotta cross the plank. It tricked my brain and I felt afraid of failing down. When I get to the boiler, I felt the heat on my face. And when I reached out and I actually touched the bar that was in between Me and the boiler. Move it. When I first tried the plank I wasn't sure I could get across it. Get across the plank now. And I had to remind myself no, I'm actually on the ground. I'm not somewhere up in the sky about to fall down. Okay now you've got to get to the construction element. at the end of the ledge.>> There's a motor with an eccentric on it so it vibrates. You feel like there,s a motor that's moving you. We use a fan blowing on you from above, so you like you're moving up because the air is blowing down.>> Push the up button.>> You can experience things without needing controllers. All the items that people have to interact with need to be tracked.>> And so, we have beacons on each one of the items, that they could have. So, we have the LEDs that talk to the cameras that are watching. Very similar to motion capture technology, for movie making. System knows what it is, and so it can render it for what you're seeing, and where it is in space in the virtual world. You can remove your headset now. [NOISE]