The FCC has started the process to roll back [UNKNOWN]. The Federal Communication Commission voted two to one on a proposal to start rolling back the rules put in place in 2015 when the Democrats had control. Neutrality is a principle that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally, and those in favor argued the rules are needed so big providers like [UNKNOWN]. Can't charge more for faster access. Opponents say these will stifle innovation and investment in infrastructure. FCC chairman Ajit Pai outlined his plan to roll back the title two order in April this year. For those playing along at home, he's a republican appointed by President Trump. I continually believe that when it comes to broadband, there is no republican. The affiliation or democratic affiliation to a particular idea. [UNKNOWN] has a comprehensive interview with Pie conducted before the vote was taken. You can hear his opinions on returning to a court, light touch Internet in the Clinton era. [UNKNOWN] is such a contiguous issue that even TV host like John Oliver have jumped in. His segment on last week tonight encouraged viewers to send in comments to the FCC in support of the rules. The show even made a website,, to make the process easier. Shortly after, the FCC website crashed. But that was blamed on a flood of bots Sending false comments not on that website. The FCC will hold a final vote later in the year and is requesting public input in the issue until August. But it's almost certain that the vote will pass as the Republicans called the majority on the Commission.