Facebook just announced new ways it plans to combat fake news. In a blog post Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a further swing in the fight against misinformation on the social media platform. Offering support for political ad legislation and outlining new steps to help prevent election interference. The company will require every advisor looking to run political ads, to be verified by Facebook. And they'll also clearly be marked as ads including who paid for them. It will also require anyone in charge of a Facebook page with a large following to get verified. Meaning anyone with a fake account should have a harder time spreading fake news. Facebook also announced a tool for users that lets them see ads a given page is running, and also plans to make a searchable database for users to see what political ads a page may have run in the past. All of the features will launch soon. Z admitted the steps will not stop anyone attempting to gain the system but also feels it will make doing so a lot harder saying quote this will help raise the bar for all political advertising online. What do you think of the move? Drop your thoughts down on the comments and stay tuned to CNET.com for more information. I am Ashley Scubba