[MUSIC] Samsung has skipped the Note 6 entirely. Now we get our first look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which has a stylus. This S pen here is the thing that makes the Note a Note. Without it, it's just a reworked S7 Edge because of those slightly curved sides and all those Edge menus. But pop out that stylus and you can navigate around the phone Draw and write pretty much everywhere. One thing that's new is one single app for all of your [UNKNOWN] which is really convenient. You can also write a memo when the screen is off and pin it, the phone's always on display. If you're traveling around, a new translation shortcut can help you buy launch And if your [UNKNOWN] everyone else's video clips online, you can use the S pen to make a gift from the video all on your own. But the phone isn't only about the pen. A new iris-getting option means that you can unlock the phone with your eyes or even unlock parts of the phone like the contents of this new private folder. Where you can put notes and photos like, for example, a picture of your passport. You can even add entire apps that are for your eyes only. The Note builds on top of the S7 and S7 Edge, which means that you're getting the same Android software, processor, and cameras as those phones. And it's water-resistant, too. But You can now swipe inside the camera app to pull up filters and modes, and even switch between cameras. Samsung has also tweaked the way that the software looks on the screen which is a refreshing change. Here's another one, this is the first Samsung with a USB USB-C charging port, which is the new hotness in charging. That port is the sole reason why Samsung made a new Gear VR headset, which has exchangeable parts, so it will work with the new Note 7 and with earlier phones that use the micro USB port. The Note 7 is an attractive, solid, and actually rather compact phone, despite it's big, 5.7 inch screen. And just check out these colors, check out that coral blue. Expect the new Note 7 to sell this summer at the top of the price scale. [MUSIC]