The Internet gets to vote on the next generation of Monopoly tokens. And none of the classic game pieces are safe. The little Scottie dog could be replaced by an Emoji face. The shoe could get booted by a hashtag. And a thimble could be snuffed out by a cellphone. Hasbro the maker of the Monopoly game opened up voting on the tokens for the month of January letting you choose from 50 icons. You can vote to keep some of the classics like the top hat and the wheel barrow but also pick from new ones like a tyrannosaurus rex or fuzzy bunny Slippers. Out of the 50 choices, there's plenty of techy tokens too, like a TV, computer, camera and a crazy 1980s massive brick cell phone. You'll cringe over the emoji choices. There's a thumbs up emoji, a winking face, a smiley face, a kissy face, and crying with laughter emoji face. You can even pick a face that looks like rich uncle Pennybacks. Go to to pick the eight you'd like to see in the next edition, leaving this decision up to the Internet could spill disaster for the classic game. Or it might just be the best thing Since sliced bread. I'm Bridget Carey. You can land on all the hottest tech news by going directly to CNET. COM. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.