[MUSIC] [NOISE] Hi! [NOISE] What's up? Writing a video about emoji dos and don'ts. [NOISE] Sweet. By the way, what on earth is this? Emojis have been around for a long time now, invented in 1999 when surfing the web was still a thing people said. That's why Why there are so many different pictures and memes you might not know about, like the women with bunny ears. I'm Lexy Savvides of Cnet. Time to drop some truth bombshells about the dos and don'ts of emoji. First up, do know what your emoji really mean, or don't use them. Triangles above the hands or as I like to call the Doritos salute. This one actually means celebration, not your love of great corn chips. Home is where the heart is, no. Welcome to the love hotel. This one might look like how you feel after one too many jalapenos, but it's actually a face of triumph. I didn't get it either. Whistle while you work. Definitely don't send this one to your boss, because it's actually blowing a kiss. Hay fever, maybe? It's just a tired face. Person just had a ketchup bottle explode on their face. Guess again, cuz it's a pouting face. Now onto the don'ts. Do not mix up your Emojis. If you're texting someone to say their dog is really sick, this is not the same as this, and would Just make you look like this. That first one is a loud crying face, and the second is tears of joy. Don't confuse them, unless you're a cat sending that message, then you could probably use this one. Don't just use the default Emoji Keyboard. For iPhone and Android there are many other options like SwiftKey, Emoji++ Or Hipmoji. Never be lost for emoji again. Okay so now you know a bit more about emoji. Here's a pop quiz. See if you can decipher this. That says baby, I'm breaking up with you, gotta run. See you! But remember, you should never, ever break up with someone using emoji, unless you wanna be known as one of these. In emoji land, this can have another meaning apart from peach, that you're actually one of these. If you have your own emoji do's and don't's or what to find out what a particular emoji means, hit me up on Twitter @lexysavvides or leave a comment right down below. [MUSIC]