This may be the solution to your traffic problem. If Elon Musk has anything to do with it, his boring company, which doesn't seem boring at all, just released this concept video of a Tesla bypassing LA traffic through a series of underground tunnels. The car drives up to a platform and is then lowered into this underground freeway [MUSIC] Where cars and pedestrians are transported on platforms at 124 miles per hour. The idea of building an underground tunnel network seems out there. But coming from Musk? Well, anything's possible. The brains behind Tesla, SpaceX, and the Hyperloop, first tweeted about the tunnel idea while he was sitting in LA traffic in December of 2016. An hour later, he had already coined his musing, The Boring Company. In January, he followed up with exciting progress on the tunnel front and said he planned to start digging in a month or so. And this could be proof that he's already putting his money where his tweets are. Business Insider noticed an Instagram post by SpaceX employees of what could be a massive drilling machine with the company logo on the side. The post has since been deleted. And though it may be a long time until we see this video become a reality, it's a glimmering light at the end of the traffic tunnel, at least for LA drivers.