[MUSIC] Yes speaking of wearing crazy. Elon Musk today basically mentioned that there is a 70% chance that he will move to Mars. A little bit weird and crazy he said it on Actios on HBO on Sunday night. We know about Space X we know about there hold space exploration mission. Elon Musk on mars Good, he should go to Mars. As long as Twitter's not on Mars I think that'd be good for him. I don't know how the Teslas there would work or a solar city. I don't know how much sun light Mars gets. I don't Much about space. Well he was talking about, he's sort of refrencing the progess that Spacex has been making on rocket technology, and actually getting people to Mars. It's been a long term goal of his for a while. He has this star ship I guess it was formally know as the BFR, not Ben Fox Ruben, but apparently it's gonna cost a couple hundred thousand dollars to snag a seat there. Either way, just kinda weird. What's the percentage that you would move to Mars? Pretty much zero. Okay. Yeah, yeah, I'm going with zero. Pretty sure that's the case. Yeah, okay. I mean, unless there's some sort of zombie apocalypse, it's earth, right? There is no real reason to move to Mars. Yeah, you got a good place here, so. Where are you? The real estate is looking very charming on the left side of Mars. Well, there you go. I mean, you know what? The way real estate prices are going, maybe Mars will be the way to go.