[MUSIC] Hey guys, I'm here with all of Amazon's new echo speakers from its September hardware and software event including this one they want to talk about the echo studio. This is what Amazon calls the best sounding echo speaker to date and at $199 is going to arrive In time for the holidays, with preorders open right now. Now, the Echo Studio is gonna really be up against the Apple HomePod and the Google Home Max, with that same sort of room-filling premium sound pitch. And to get there, what Amazon is doing is, it's got a mix of mid-range speakers, three of them Plus a one inch tweeter and a five and a quarter inch subwoofer down below that's sending audio in all different directions, bouncing it throughout the room to create this really good 3D Dolby Atmos sound Amazon says. Can't wait to test that out. You can also pair two Echo Studios together to create a stereo setup or add in last year's Echo Sub to do a 2.1 or a 1.1 stereo effect with that as well. Ashley design we've got the same fabric body builders years past and it's kind of attracted black and dark gray fabric along with this gap the bottom where you're going to hear that subwoofer sound really coming out of the bottom, really eager to test out how that sound really feels and a woman Environment and that one's quite so noisy and busy is this one. I'm talking about the usual mix of buttons. You've got your two volume buttons up and down and activation button here on the right. And then on the left, you've got the mute button that meets those microphones all seven of them up here around the top. And the echo studio isn't the only echo product that's offering new better sound this year. There's also the new version of the Amazon Echo itself, the original including this new blue model that's going to add a touch of color to the gray lineup from before. Also new to the lineup, you've got a new version of the Echo Dot that's got an integrated LED clock built in light that's gonna make it maybe a better picture to bedside at $60 and available time for the holidays like everything else. For the most part. We've also got an eight inch version of the echo show, that's gonna be sort of like that echo five from the summer but bigger and also with that privacy shutter that people seem to like so much. Now the echo studio. It arrives in time for the holidays open for pre orders now at $199, which is less than you'll spend to get an apple home pod or Google Home Mac. So pretty competitive if the sound can compete with those two devices might be a very hot seller this holiday season. We'll see and we'll test them out in the CNet's smart home as soon as we get a chance.