At CES 2017, Samsung has not just one new Chromebook but a pair of new Chromebooks. There's the Samsung Chromebook Pro and the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Well, what's the difference between them? Well, it's kind of hard to tell because they look pretty much identical. They're both all metal. They both got a 360-degree touchscreen hinges, they both have a built-in stylus pen. So, Google's been working on a new version of Chrome OS and this is the one of the first instance they're using to promote and show off all the new Chrome OS features And I saw some cool stuff on it, like being able to run standard Android phone apps on your Chromebook, which you can do on a few Chromebooks now, but it's coming to these as well. Running multiple Chrome and Android apps at the same time and everything scaling itself well to the 12 and a half inch display. Now what's the difference between the Pro and the Plus, well the Pro is Intel based, it's got a skylight generation y series Intel processor, while the plus mats an ARM based Chromebook we have not seen too many of those yet. You to see both the Chromebook Pro and the Chromebook Plus later this year. [MUSIC]