[MUSIC] EGI's camera drones like the Maverick Pro have become easier and easier to fly but for the most part they're still seen as something for pros and enthusiasts. The palm sized Spark changes that, going directly after the people that like the idea of having a flying camera but don't necessarily want to be a pilot. The $500 quad can take off and land from your hand and using face recognition and hand gestures You can control it without a phone or a controller within ten feet of yourself. It can be app controlled too if you want to get more distance. Or for $150 you can also get a controller to fly it out more than a mile away. There's a lot of automation that [UNKNOWN] down from DJI's higher end models. So you can do things like have it track subjects or perform cinematic camera mode. And to keep it from crashing, the Spark has dual GPS and obstacle avoidance sensors. DJI [UNKNOWN] competitors with a camera as well By using a two-access mechanical gimbo for stabilized full HD video in 12 mega pixels steals while others rely on image degrading electronic image stabilization. But one thing that's sort of power to the course though is battery life with it only getting up to 16 minutes, assuming you're not taking advantage of its off speed of 31 Miles per hour. Basically, TGI made a really smart point and shoot camera that happens to fly.