Disney+ is here after months of hype. Well maybe for some of us. We're tying into the apps service problems and everything else today. Stick around for your Daily Charge. [MUSIC] Welcome to the Daily Charge, it's Tuesday, November 12th. I'm Joan E Solsman. I'm Mike Sorrentino. And today's top story is Disney Plus. Disney Plus is here. Disney Plus launched early this morning and I don't know about you, but I definitely got a ton of sleep. It's not like I woke up at 2:30 and never went back to bed, or anything like that. Disney Plus has been years in the making. Disney Reoriented its entire company around it and it finally landed today. There's the plugs launched early Tuesday morning. Now that we can actually get in there play with it, see exactly what the catalog feels like and has what do you think? John I feel sorry for for you like getting up at 2:30 in the morning. I didn't set a timer or anything I happen to wake up and I was like, it might be live now. It was supposed to come a little early and it was and then. That was it. Yeah, I got up around 4:30 just because I really needed my Mandalorian fix before work. I know you did, yeah. It's just such a, it's a climax from I remember for months and months and it was just Disney streaming service and then we found out about Disney plus. And now that it's launched, it's technically interesting, but it's also the first day. So there's lots and lots of jitters. I've been seeing people complain about how the Simpsons is only in widescreen and not four by three. Yeah. How some of the shows themselves aren't loading. Took me about five minutes to get to the Screen where I can hit play on Lizzie McGuire for a throwback. But at the same time from the new stuff like High School Musical the musical the series The Long long title, Right? That launched in half a second which is technically fantastic because it isn't 4k. Yeah. Mandatory when I first put that on at 430 in the morning, also put it up. Crazy quickly but then when I tried again to finish the episode on 8:30 from this office, it choked. We have really first Internet connections here and so I was a little bit wierd to be like sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting. Plus I also played the android app version and had downloaded some of the episodes to my phone That it's been working okay, like HAPA crashes but nothing more than I wouldn't expect on a day one sort of scenario. Yeah. But then it's also like most of the content is the library and it's going to be more of a future forward waiting thing till we get more and more new content. I was watching Marvel's expanding the universe show A lot of it is not till Falcon The Winter Soldier begins and fall 2020 Division 2021 and by the end of that my three I did pre by three years of Disney quest for full disclosure to three years will have been up and then like okay, well I want to continue to service on a monthly or yearly basis or not. And that'll be a three year from now question. Right, so Mike's been talking a lot about all the complaints that we've been seeing across the board about outages. I didn't have any problems logging in and using it this morning. You didn't when you first tried. At 4:30 in the morning. At 4:30 in the morning. But the problem is is the rest of Canada and the US are waking up we've seen these complaints of service failures, rolling in and so far it's seemed like there have been problems with people trying to log in initially, there have been problems with things dropping out of the catalog not being able to stream something I had trouble I wanted to create a profile for my kids and I wanna change the avatar cuz your default avatar is Mickey Mouse and I'm not a Mickey girl. So I wanted to change my avatar. I couldn't get into my profile to change settings, so what we're seeing is A lot of demand and that's what does he said Disney said that you know, they said we appreciate your patience This is higher than we even expected demand. So what do you think is draw what is drawing people to this product? Why is it getting slammed by all this demand? [UNKNOWN] I think it's because it's been a very long time of promoting it even from the minute that Disney announced their intention to slowly roll off Netflix. That created a few Feeling of where will I go to make my kids watch all these Disney cartoons? Where is Rogue One going to be because they all been slowly rolling off and now they're on Disney classic Rogue One going to get the volume to where Netflix first and now they're on Disney plus, to be expected that all the movies currently there will eventually will also feel like it's sort of a supply and demand scenario. Yeah. Where people are Noticing and reacting perhaps a little vehemently that either used to get everything under one bill under Netflix. Yeah. And now going to 2020 and HBO Max and so on launches. Yeah. Every content company is gonna be separating it out and people are gonna start feeling the sticker shock. Yeah. So on the flip side of that people have excited about Disney because Disney owns so many brands and Now that fox and underneath, their giant umbrella, double that Empire. So it's like if you're gonna separate out, this might be a compelling option. However people are also scared of it too It's like I'm excited for for it but would I get rid of Netflix too good to go to Disney Right My waiting for it And I think that's why they priced it, what it is at $7 a month. That's really cheap. It's cheap. In the current market but for many families, it might be a mental block of only one service and you could only have one and- Yeah, maybe. Well and then they also I think that it's also interesting that they did they kind of took a little bit out of Apple's playbook, Apple which launched Apple TV plus and said, hey, if you bought a device, you can have Apple TV plus for free for a year. He did a similar thing they struck a deal with Verizon. So anybody that's a Verizon unlimited customer Gets a year for us. I'm guessing. I'm scratching it because that's like $80 a month per line potentially. So it's like yes, if you're doing that you're paying that thing. Great. All right. But it's like a freebie or it's not Not exactly like a generous freebie. Yeah. But it is a deal. It is something that's included and it's not unheard of. Sprint has free Hulu. Netflix onT-Mobile. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, so it's not unheard of. It definitely helps Disney to find an easy pool of people that don't have to get over a hurdle. They just have to Well, the hurdle is you have to get in touch with Verizon, either online or call them and say, hey, add this to my service, please. And then after that first year, then it's sort of presumably hoped that you'll then either buy directly through Disney, or maybe sometimes the carriers will be the middle man charging for this, and maybe Verizon hopes to be that middle person. Yeah, we'll see, we'll see. For the Daily Charge I'm Joanie [UNKNOWN]. And I'm Mike Sorentino. Thanks for joining us. [MUSIC] Can't get enough? Check out the daily supercharge, our extended post show with special features, audience Q and A and in-depth reviews, available now wherever you get your podcasts.